Why should you have friends on Match Masters?

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Having friends on Match Masters can have a lot of benefits, you can challenge your friends and have a fun time with them. Moreover, you can earn free Match Masters Boosters and rewards by inviting friends to download and play the game. In this article, you will learn everything about friends on Match Masters.

How to invite friends?

The ‘friends’ tab, accessible from the main menu of Match Masters, is where you may add people to your contact list. There needs to be an “Invite Friends” button, preferably green, that you may click after accessing the list. If you click this, a special link should open up that you can easily copy and distribute to your friends or post on social media.

To enter and win amazing prizes in the Friend Fiesta event, just invite 10 friends who have never played the game before. We hope you’ll invite your friends to join in the fun, but they must be brand new players to be eligible for the giveaways.

How to challenge friends?

The “Challenge” option is conveniently located in the game’s main menu, where you can also see your friends’ profiles and choose them to challenge in-game. This should alert them that you have challenged them to a match, and they may choose to accept or decline your challenge. If you win a match against a buddy and take their booster, you get to keep it for yourself. But you have to give up your advantage if you lose.

It’s important to keep in mind that the winner will not get their opponent’s boost if the match is forfeited or terminated before the game concludes. Send your buddy an invitation to the game if you are not already joined.

How to Remove a friend?

If you disconnect a friend from Facebook, they will also be disconnected from the game. Even if you aren’t Facebook friends, you may still unfriend someone from the game by selecting them and then selecting “Remove Friend.” Please reach out to our Support Team for more help if you are still having trouble deleting a friend.

How to fix unable to add new friends?

If you’ve reached the limit of your game’s friend count and can’t add any more, it’s possible that you’ve reached that limit. You’re allowed a maximum of 100 friends, so if you want to add more you’ll need to delete some of your existing connections first (see “How to Remove a Friend” for details).

How to fix the friend’s prize not received?

Make sure you haven’t already reached the maximum quantity of friend invite incentives before inviting new players to the game (30 friends).

If you haven’t already done so, double check that the following holds true:

  • A new account was created by your buddy after they followed your invite link.
  • The computer or mobile device must be brand new and never have played the game before in order to create the account.

If your buddy does both of these things, then have them click your invite link again, and then restart your game, so that you may get your prizes. Please provide the friend’s name to the support team if you have not yet received your gift so that they may investigate the cause of the delay.

Facebook friends that show on your friend list but who you haven’t invited to the game will not earn you bonus points toward winning the game, but they will earn you 150 coins just for playing.

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