Match Masters Stickers: Everything you need to know

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Once you’ve earned 200 trophies in Match Masters, you’ll be able to access the first of many fantastic Sticker Albums in Match Masters. Sticker collecting is the most efficient method for acquiring game currency such as free Match Masters Boosters, Match Masters Perks, unique costumes, and Showoffs. You may get them in a number of ways, including making direct purchases from the shop, winning them in the main and side events in Match Masters, taking advantage of deals and promotions, and accumulating trophies.

Sticker Tokens

Match Masters has developed a product called Sticker Tokens to let you replace any stickers you may have misplaced.

Each Token may be exchanged for any unavailable sticker. Yes, even the long-lost Seasonal stickers and the impossible-to-find Adventure stickers are yours for the taking. To use a Sticker Token, find the sticker you’re missing, press it, and “et voilĂ ” the sticker will appear.

How to unlock new album

When you have earned enough stickers from a particular album, more albums will become available to you. You may get stickers by winning them as part of an event, obtaining them via one of the game’s social media platforms, or buying them with cash from inside the game’s shop.

Solo Albums

You can only get Solo Stickers by beating the game on your own (i.e. Score Rally, Perfect Heist & Cosmic Rush). While tracking down these rare cyan stickers might take some time, the payoff is well worth the effort.

The lack of duplication means that you can zip through these albums considerably more quickly. If your solo album is 100% complete, you will get 30 duplicate points in the duplicates bar in the form of duplicate stickers from that album.

Seasonal Albums

Every season of the Legends League will finish with a brand new album for the players (unlocks at 30,000 Trophies). These one-of-a-kind CDs are time-sensitive and must be finished before the current season concludes. The game’s seasonal stickers are available as rewards for earning trophies.

Of course, during the holiday season, there will be special offers and even prizes that include seasonal stickers. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for upcoming trade days when you may buy and sell seasonal stickers. Have fun trying to track down all the stickers before the season ends.

Adventure Albums

By triumphing in these perilous quests, players may get the rare Adventure Stickers. It may take some time to collect all of these stickers, but the benefits are larger than ever and well worth the effort. In addition, there are no duplicates in these albums, so you may work quickly to finish them. If you keep making adventure games, you’ll have no trouble filling your albums.

If your adventure album is complete, you’ll gain 30 points on the duplicates meter in exchange for duplicate stickers from that album.

Duplicate Stickers

The game’s stickers add a lot of fun, but collecting them all may take some time and effort. Like the booster boxes, sticker packs may include stickers from many tiers or from a single tier, so you may not always obtain the result you want. White stickers are simpler to get than their gold and diamond counterparts, although it may become more challenging to acquire more stickers if most have already been obtained.

It’s wonderful news that you can really make use of those extra stickers you made. Any duplicate sticker you get from the Duplicates Bar may be redeemed for great rewards after you reach a certain point threshold. It’s worth more to get a gold or diamond sticker than a silver or white one. Get the reward bar full and you win the big prize!

Facebook group is the place to swap duplicate stickers. There are plenty of people selling stickers, and some of them could be the ones you’re looking for. Prizes in the main and side events, trophy progressions, and in-game purchases all provide stickers to players.

Missing Stickers

Gaining the “Missing Sticker” stickers is a fast method to complete your collection. You can count on getting at least one missing sticker every time you use these stickers (unless you have already collected all the stickers from that tier).

You may make up for lost stickers in a number of ways. You may get them by participating in the events, entering the contests on social media, and completing the quests.

How to Trade Sticker

Sticker trading is the safest and most reliable method of acquiring and exchanging stickers in Match Masters. The game developers have developed a fantastic mechanism for exchanging stickers that ensures everyone always gets what they want.

Select the “Trade” button and then “New Trade” to begin trading stickers with another user. Then, choose the desired sticker, and hit “Create Trade Link.”

You may either copy the trade link and send it to your trading partner through a message, or you can touch the “Share My Link” button. When you tap “Share My Link,” your preferred sharing methods will appear. When you email the link, your buddy has 30 minutes to pick out a sticker to give in exchange; if you accept their offer, the trade is finalized. Therefore, trading is easy and risk-free!

So, why are you stalling? Time to make some deals!

Diamond Sticker Trade

Diamond Stickers, the rarest of all stickers, are on sale sometimes. There will be 2 diamond stickers up for grabs at each event. That’s right, on that day just these two stickers will be up for grabs in the trading world. It’s a great present idea, and you can even swap it with someone else for a different rare sticker!

Be on the lookout for the special days when diamonds are traded, since the stickers available on those days may vary. You can locate the stickers you’re looking for and connect with other Match Masters from all around the globe by joining the Official Group if you haven’t already.

Album Prizes

Album awards are the ultimate reward for completing a set of challenges and are the preferred method for players to brag about their accomplishments and Swag to other players. Sticker albums may be completed for rewards at the end of each page.

There are several ensembles that can only be unlocked by finishing albums and album pages. Wearing these clothes will give you an advantage in battle. Through the ‘Wardrobe’ option, you may quickly and easily swap between different looks at any time.

You may choose from a variety of unique style packs, which become available after unlocking certain albums, under the game’s ‘Style Pack’ option. When certain albums or pages are completed, players may claim rewards like money, boosters, special boxes, and even On Fire games.

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