Match Masters Guide for Beginners

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At the beginning of your adventure, the Play mode will help you get more familiar with the game and its match-3 rules. It will also help you access further studios.

As you progress through the studios, you unlock new and thrilling Match Masters game modes, such as Dustville Duel, Sugar Rush, and many more!

After completing all studios and attaining the Masters League, the Play mode will continue to be the standard method of playing Match Masters. When you pick Play Mode in the Masters League, random venues from previously unlocked studios will be selected at random for you and your opponent to play in.

Match Masters Game Modes

The Daily Styles provide a daily variety of game modes. Each day, the game offers a variety of unique rule and modifier combinations. You may pick from a variety of game types in which you can earn Trophies and event points.

There are numerous alternatives for the daily modes. A series of interchanging Daily Modes and a random studio. Occasionally, the Masters Club Daily Mode will be available (eligible only for Masters Club subscribers).

After acquiring 3,800 Trophies and reaching the Master Ranks, the Daily Modes will become available.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Modes will take you on a never-before-experienced trip! Follow the route to the grand reward by defeating your opponents, prevailing in a variety of difficult games, and accumulating treasures along the way!

Each adventure has a track with several stages to complete. Each level comprises a unique game style that must be mastered in order to continue along the path and claim the ultimate reward at the finish.

There are also a limited number of lives available in each quest. When a player loses a match, they lose a life. If you lose all of your lives before reaching the summit, the quest will end.

Each trip has its own unique theme and sticker album! Completing adventures will allow you to collect stickers for adventure albums, and after a page or album is completed, you will get EPIC goodies!

When you earn 7,000 Trophies in a game, Adventure Modes become available.


Once you’ve earned 1,100 Trophies, you’ll be able to participate in Tournaments, where you may demonstrate your true Matchmaking prowess.

They range from eight to sixty-four people, with varying rules, game variables, and admission criteria (such as specific booster levels or a coin fee). In addition, they provide excellent prizes, including event points, tournament cups, and even boosters! All awards and game regulations are shown in the tournament banners I and gift symbols.

You will be matched with a random opponent when entering a tournament, regardless of the booster or perks selected. Before commencing the game for all competitors, the tournament will wait until all seats are occupied.

Each tournament is divided into four-player blocks, so if you win a match, your next opponent will be the winner of the match in the same block.

Prior to entering a tournament, you will be required to use the same booster and perks for the duration of the tournament, without the option to switch.

Unless the match is unranked, it is crucial to note that individual matches in tournaments also award stars and prizes. Unranked contests will be denoted in the banner with an unranked symbol.

Star Race

In Star Race, your Star Race score is shown on the leaderboard as the amount of stars you receive after each game. The objective is to get the most stars among all competitors on your leaderboard.

Score Smash

There is a special game mode that may be played during the event in Score Smash. After each game, the score from each match is gathered and shown on the scoreboard as your Score Smash score.

The objective is to get the greatest score possible, thus the more you play and the better your score, the more points you will earn.

Your score is considered regardless of whether you win or lose a match.

This event is available whenever 7,000 Trophies have been earned in the game.

Fire Starter

At 16,000 Trophies, you will be allowed to participate in the Fire Starter Event for the largest challenge to your winning streak to yet! The objective of the Fire Starter competition is to defeat your opponents by winning as many consecutive games as possible. This will count as your winning streak; the longer your winning streak, the greater your chances of winning the race! You will be able to see your place on the Fire Starter Leaderboard.

As long as you win a match** when playing tournaments, adventure modes, or normal modes, it will contribute towards your win streak.

Match Masters Game Modifiers

Numerous forms of game modifications may be found in tournaments, events, and everyday game modes. Each modification adds a new dimension to the game. It has its own set of rules and may be mixed with up to two more modifiers.

Pressing the I button next to the game’s emblem will reveal the rules for each modifier.

Keeping an eye out for varied movement speeds, new pieces, and intriguing score legends will help you choose which boosters and perks to utilize and your next move!

Match Masters Game Events

Whether you play these Tournaments, Classic Modes, or Daily Modes, you can always find interesting Match Masters events to participate in and win several free Match Masters Boosters! The primary events will show in the upper left-hand corner of your homepage and typically continue for three days. You can also find RUSH versions of these events, which only last for one day! Parallel to the main events, there may be additional side events that offer additional challenges and rewards!

Here is a list of Match Masters events:

Booster Clash

This special event is the very first of its type and costs one Event Ticket. Event Tickets may be purchased or won as rewards. Each fighter has the option to retain the Booster of their opponent! The Booster of the loser is yours to keep!

This event restricts the Booster Tiers of your opponents, so you may only play against Boosters of the same Tier. Thus, it will be fair and balanced, since you may win a Booster of equal strength.

You will not win Trophies in Booster Clash, but you will win your opponent’s Booster, as well as Stars and Glory!

Booster Clash becomes available in the game if 3,800 Trophies have been earned.

Cosmic Rush

This special event, which costs one Event Ticket, is the first of its kind. Event Tickets may be acquired via sales or prizes. Each Strap in for a once-in-a-lifetime Match Masters adventure in Cosmic Rush!

You will board a spacecraft with limited oxygen that will deplete over time.

Check your oxygen levels and remember that when you reach other planets by matching a limitless number of pieces, you will be able to salvage treasures.

In Cosmic Rush, matching at least four pieces will boost the oxygen levels needed to reach the next location.

Match Rumble

Welcome to the Rumble, specifically the Match Rumble!

This exciting event allows you to compete against numerous opponents simultaneously! To remain competitive, you must avoid falling into the Red Zone, or the lowest scores. Match Rumble is so difficult that it will put your Match Masters abilities to the ultimate test.

This event is simply a communal twist on the most popular solo modes, with a variety of rules:

  • You have a limited amount of time, movements, and rounds.
  • In order to proceed in the Match Rumble, you must finish each round in the green zone.
  • The timer is always running, even during Booster activations and animations!
  • When the timer approaches 0, you will no longer be able to activate Boosters.
  • The winner is the last player remaining in the final round with the highest score!

Are you capable of keeping up with the Rumble?

Winners of the Match Rumble will only get the prize for their appropriate rank, i.e. first place.
There is no limit to the number of times you may earn first place, so go for it!

Additionally, while playing Match Rumble, you will earn Stars-

10-20 Player

  • Survived the first round – 1 Star
  • Two Stars for surviving two rounds
  • Win the Rumble with Three Stars

30-50 Player

  • Survived the first round – 1 Star
  • Two Stars for surviving two rounds
  • Three stars awarded for surviving three rounds.

Please note that these Stars will be added without an animation after the game. In the Fresh Forward variant of Rumble, the score of each player who ended in the green zone will be reset for the next round.

Match Masters Game Boosters List

Here is a list of Match Masters Boosters:

Cleo Cadabra

Cleo Cadabra is an ancient Egyptian princess who graces us as a Legendary Booster. Her occult abilities enable her to seize pieces off the board and turn them into magnificent magical beetles. Cleo’s Beetles are capable of duplicating any piece on the board that you give them into several pieces. Simply swiping a Beetle with a piece will trigger the enchantment and spread additional of the same item, including unique pieces, throughout the board.


It is said that the UFO Booster’s mothership will emerge from the depths of Nebula!
Like the original UFO Booster technology, the invasion will start by abducting two humans. Unsuspecting components; nonetheless, the tests do not stop there!

After being beamed onboard the mothership, the UFO-SE extractor will identify the next matching components and kidnap the next indicated target for abduction. At least once each round, this incidence has been seen. The Special Edition Boosters, including this one, are unlocked after 16 000 Trophies.

All Aboard SE

Join the New Limited Edition Booster Train! This is an all-stations train leaving from Yellow Station towards an eastern or western destination. When this train passes by, four train-jacking Bandits will depart.

Once matched, these Bandits will drop their dynamite and explode up to five blue or red pieces, recharging your energy. At 16,000 Trophies, Special Edition Boosters like this one become available for purchase with coins on the Booster website.

Vinnie Valentine SE

Similar to his normal counterpart, the Special Edition version of Vinnie Valentine is a firm believer in sharing the love, however unlike his regular counterpart, SE Vinnie has two-colored hearts. This implies they are compatible with either hue. Together, two hearts of the same sort will conquer four colors on the board.

At 16,000 Trophies, Special Edition Boosters like this one become available for purchase with coins on the Booster website.

Doctor Color SE

Just when we thought Dr. Color could not go any crazier, the Special Edition was released with even more volatile test tubes!

SE Doctor Color will modify TWO colors on the board to match TWO different hues. This will result in an abundance of pieces of the same hue. This means more discounts and more options for compatibility!

At 16,000 Trophies, Special Edition Boosters like this one become available for purchase with coins on the Booster website.

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