How to use pets on Coin Master

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The existence of beautiful small pets that aid players throughout the game are a crucial component of the Coin Master game. The Coin Master game offers a fantastic feature where players can activate various pets to advance through the game’s various stages. These pets assist players in obtaining extra prizes, including free coins and free spins for the Coin Master. Additionally, they support the players’ village’s security and aid in times of village assault. Read on to find out more about Coin Master Pets in this detailed tutorial.

How to Unlock Pets?

In Coin Master, the player must hatch the pets before using them. It’s an easy and straightforward approach. When the player reaches Village 4, they can hatch Foxy, the first pet. The player must finish various card sets in order for the remaining pets to hatch. For instance, the Tiger pet is only usable when the player has finished collecting Beast cards.

Players can also use the Rhino pet after collecting all of the Creatures Cards. The user is informed to go to the pets part of the game and click the egg whenever a new pet becomes available. The Tips and Tricks section below goes into further depth on how to hatch the egg in order to activate and use the pet.

Coin Master Pets List

Here is a list of all pets on Coin Master:


The initial pet is a dog named Foxy. During raids, the player benefits from this pet. A player’s ability to plunder up to 106% more coins increases with Foxy. A single raid at 100x can net the player more than ten billion coins. This is the reason Foxy is a popular player pet in Coin Master.


The name of the second pet is Tiger. This animal aids the player in combat. The player will receive more coins when they attack someone if they use Tiger. Tiger might be useful in this situation because attacking other players is one of the key aspects of the game that you need to advance.


The third animal is a rhino. With the aid of this pet, the player can defend the village of the Coin Master. The player’s village and priceless items are shielded by the rhino. Rhino works best when the player is constructing a hamlet but lacks the necessary coins to finish it.

How to Upgrade Pets

Each pet has the ability to have their talents enhanced. The player’s rewards and protection will both rise as a result. More game XP must be accumulated in order to accomplish it. Players can boost their pets’ effectiveness by gaining more XP.

Upgrading Foxy

Players can make little raids into big raids by upgrading Foxy. Players can use this to gain 10 million coins in a single raid. Once they upgrade the Foxy pet, gamers can also earn 200 times as much coins as the Tiger pet can.

Upgrading Tiger

Attacks happen a lot more frequently in Coin Master than raids do. Consequently, as it is used in attacks, this is where the Tiger pet enters the picture. The player can stop and avoid unexpected event attacks by keeping the Tiger pet upgraded and active.

Upgrading Rhino

Upgrading your Rhino will be useful if you need an item in a hamlet, but it was destroyed by an enemy attack. Upgrading the rhino pet will allow the player to block up to 70% of enemy assaults.

How to Keep Pets Active

The pets in the Coin Master game require feeding in order to maintain their activity, happiness, and alertness, just like actual pets do. The pets won’t be able to do their jobs if they aren’t supplied nourishment. Your pets can be used for four hours after you activate them by feeding them. You’ll have to use the activated pet for those four hours and won’t be allowed to choose an other pet during that period.

Each pet has a unique ability or power that it is employed for, which is why you cannot activate numerous pets at once. Once awake, they complete all of their chores. Depending on the needs of the player, only one pet can be employed at once.

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