How to activate Ghost Mode on Coin Master

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Numerous aspects of the game Coin Master keep players engaged. As a result, the Coin Master community learned a number of insider secrets in addition to the game’s official features and functionalities. Learning everything there is to know about Coin Master Ghost Mode will help you play Coin Master like an expert. You will discover more about the new feature of the Coin Master game called Ghost Mode in this comprehensive explanation. If you need Coin Master free spins visite this page.

Generally speaking, there are numerous village settings in the Coin Master game where players must construct their community, care for it, and keep it secure. The ability to assault various communities and grab their resources is another aspect of the game. You advance to the next level once your own community is complete and ideal in every way. Additionally, you must defend your village well against assaults and use the Rhino pet to keep your community safe. However, you can also use the Coin Master Ghost Mode to your advantage by totally concealing your Coin Master town from other players.

Ghost Mode is not considered an official feature of Coin Master, according to the game’s official creator. However, a lot of players all over the world employ this cunning strategy to defend their villages from other assaults. Players can remove their Coin Master account from the rack in Ghost Mode so that it cannot be seen by friends or even searched for. In order to prevent being tracked, it is comparable to playing the game as a ghost.

How to Activate Ghost Mode

Every Coin Master player should take advantage of and be familiar with the Ghost Mode feature. The actions that players must take in order to activate Ghost Mode and conceal their town while playing Coin Master are listed below.

  • The first step entails leaving the game and opening the Facebook app.
  • The next step is for them to visit their settings after opening the Facebook app.
  • The next step is to click both the website and the app once they have accessed their settings.
  • The fourth step is for them to select the one that says, “I’m logged in with Facebook,” and then proceed.
  • The fifth step is to take Coin Master off of that list after that. They just have to tap on Coin Master and then tap the delete button to accomplish that.
  • The sixth step is to launch the Coin Master video game.
  • The seventh step: After selecting and opening the Coin Master game, the user may be prompted to log in. A Facebook login option will be available. However, the gamer should utilize Guest Mode in place of doing that.
  • The eighth step is when they have entered Ghost Mode and can begin playing the game after logging in as a Guest. No one can find them anymore.

Another crucial point to remember is that after you enter Ghost Mode, your friends can no longer see you, even though you can still see them. Additionally, when you engage with any of your pals, you will exit Ghost Mode and revert to being visible. Therefore, the key in this situation is to play covertly and avoid interacting with your pals while playing.

How to Disable Ghost Mode

In Coin Master, players can also choose not to use Ghost Mode. The steps are mentioned below and are simple to follow.

  • The first step is for the gamer to close the Coin Master game and cease playing.
  • The following step is to restart their internet.
  • The third step is for the player to reopen the Coin Master game after restarting their internet. When the game prompts users to sign in using their Facebook account, they should do it this time. Once they accomplish that, Coin Master Ghost Mode has been successfully turned off. Restarting the game a second time, though, can be helpful if the player runs into any problems.

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