Everything you need to know about teams on Match Masters

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Joining a team in Match Masters is a terrific way to make new friends in Match Masters and increase your chances of winning Match Masters free boosters and gifts on a daily and weekly basis. You may collaborate, encourage, and converse with one another, and you can even participate in weekend team activities as a group.

How to Join teams

Browse the ‘Teams’ area, do a search for a particular team, or use an invite link to join a team. When you join a team, you’ll be able to talk to and aid your teammates, take part in special tournaments, and get daily rewards like coins and boosters. Keep in mind that you’ll need 1,400 Trophies before you’ll be invited to join a squad.

Stars earned by players with less than 30,000 trophies when they join a squad will be disregarded for the seasonal star total of that team for a period of three days. I recommend you read this Match Masters Guide and Match Masters tips to know more about the Match Masters game.

How to create a team

To form your own team, you must first ensure that you are not already part of another group. Visit the Teams portal to either join an existing team or form your own for 300 coins. Changing your team’s name, profile photo, trophy restrictions, and more is as simple as clicking the “make your own team” button.

As soon as your group has adjusted the parameters to their liking, you may launch! A team may have up to 50 people and you can promote some of them to administrative roles if you need extra support. Sharing your team on the game’s Official Facebook Group is a great way to bring in new players.

How to donate boosters to the teammates

You may now provide a boost to any member of your squad who needs it. Donating a booster is as easy as visiting the team page and selecting the appropriate button. Then, a pull-down menu including your colleagues will appear. You may give a booster to a particular teammate, or you can send it to “Anyone,” in which case whoever taps “Collect” first will get it.

How to Leave a Team

You may quit a team you’re currently on by going to its page, clicking “Info,” and then selecting “Leave Team.” Press the “Join Team” button to discover a new team to join, or make your own.

If you’re the current team owner and wish to give another member control of the team, you’ll need to make them an administrator. Making them an administrator of the team again will transfer ownership to them.

What to do if you’ve Kicked out of a team

When you’ve put in the time and effort to gain stars and contribute to the weekly team box, it may be quite disheartening to be removed from the team after all your hard work has paid off.

Players may be added or removed from a team at any time during play, at the discretion of the team captain. Those who have been kicked from a team are encouraged to look for a new squad or form their own.

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