Best 5 Events to play in Match Masters

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Whether you play our Tournaments, Classic Modes, or Daily Modes, you can always find interesting Match Masters events to participate in and win several prizes such as Match Masters free boosters and coins! The primary events will show in the upper left-hand corner of your homepage and typically continue for three days. You may also discover RUSH versions of similar events, which only run for one day! Parallel to the main events, there may be other side events that provide additional challenges and prizes!

1. Booster Clash

Do you believe that you have what it takes to triumph in the Booster Clash hosted by Match Masters?

This one-of-a-kind event, which can only be attended with a special Event Ticket, is the very first of its kind. Tickets to the event may be purchased or won as part of several contests. Every contestant has the opportunity to take the Booster that their opponent possesses! You read it correctly; you get to retain the Booster that the loser had!

Because the Booster Tiers of the other participants are capped, you will only face off against other players who have Boosters of the same level as you. You will have an equal chance of winning a Booster of the same level of strength this way, so the competition will be fair.

You won’t be able to take home Trophies if you play Booster Clash, but you may take home your adversary’s Booster, in addition to Stars and Glory! When you have accumulated 3,800 Trophies during the course of the game, you will be granted access to the Booster Clash mode.

2. Cosmic Rush

In Cosmic Rush, you’re in for the Match Masters adventure of a lifetime! You will board a spacecraft with limited oxygen that will deplete over time. Check your oxygen levels and remember that when you reach other planets by matching a limitless number of pieces, you will be able to salvage treasures.

In Cosmic Rush, matching at least four pieces will boost the oxygen levels needed to reach the next location. Your oxygen consumption will cease for Booster activations, but not for their secondary fallouts, such as Monkey Joo Joo’s skulls, Billie Boom’s bombs, All Aboards SE’s bandits, UFO SE’s balls, Vinnie’s hearts, and Brocco Bocco’s disco balls.

Keep a tight check on your oxygen level, since as it approaches 0 your Boosters and Perks may not be activateable owing to animations. Cowboys and cowgirls of the cosmos, are you prepared for a cosmic rush?

Vinnie Valentine/SE: Produces less hearts than usual in matches. Two hearts are reserved for Vinnie Valentine-SE, while three are reserved for Vinnie Valentine.

Monkey Joo Joo: Summons four Voodoo Skulls on the initial activation, then one on the second and higher activations.

Brocco Boogie: Each time it is activated, it will only fling two disco balls.

Cleo Cadabra: Will only toss one Scarab on the second and subsequent activations.

All Aboard SE: will place 3 Bandits instead of 4 on the board.

Stars: Every Planet you discover in Cosmic Rush awards you a Star! Please note that these Stars will be added without an animation after the game.

3. Match Rumble

This is the Match Rumble, and you are cordially invited to participate. At this exciting competition, you’ll face off against numerous opponents at once. To be competitive, you need to restrict your performance from falling into the Red Zone. scores at the bottom of the scale. Your mettle as a Match Master will be put to the ultimate test in Match Rumble.

This gathering is a communal take on our favorite solo modes, and as such, it employs a variety of rules:

  1. Time, number of turns, and number of rounds are all limited.
  2. Those who want to keep going in the Match Rumble must finish each round in the green area.
  3. The clock keeps ticking regardless of whether or not you use a Booster.
  4. When the countdown meter approaches zero, you will no longer have access to your Boosters.
  5. In the end, whomever has the highest score in the last round is the victor.

Can you handle yourself in a Rumble?

The Match Rumble champions will only get the prize according to their finishing place. Top spot.
To earn first place rewards as often as you want is not restricted.

In addition to gaining experience points, you may earn Stars by playing Match Rumble.

Amongst 10-20 Participants

  • If you make it through the first round, you get one star.
  • Those who make it through the first two rounds get two stars.
  • Three Stars – Rumble Winner

A Group of 30-50 Performers

  • If you make it through the first round, you get one star.
  • If you make it through the first two rounds, you get two stars.
  • Three-round success = Three Stars.

Please be aware that there will be no post-match animation for these Stars. Every player whose Rumble score ended in the green zone will have it recalculated for the following round in the Fresh Forward mode.

4. Perfect Heist

In order to pull off the ideal robbery, you’ll need to gather the Safes in the allotted time. You may get a unique reward every time you find a Safe. You’ll have 15 minutes to strategize and get the most points possible. All safes must be gathered to complete the task, win the rewards, and maintain your Booster.

Not all Boosters will maintain their normal behavior when in this mode.

  • While ordinary matches will generate more hearts than with Vinnie Valentine/SE, the opposite is true during Special Event matches. Vinnie Valentine-SE gets one heart, whereas Vinnie Valentine gets three.
  • When used for the first time, the Monkey Joo Joo will call forth four Voodoo Skulls, and subsequent activations will only bring out one.
  • When activated, Brocco Boogie will only release two Disco Balls.
  • Cleo Cadabra, on the second activation and above, will only launch a single Scarab.
  • Train departing towards the Southeast – we will deploy just three Bandits.

You may make as many attempts as you want to finish this challenge, but once you’ve gathered the rewards, you’ll have them forever. If you want to acquire the best score possible in a certain game and appear on the Leaderboard, you may keep playing solo tasks even after you’ve completed all of them.

Is it possible for you to find and steal all of the Safes and get all of the fantastic rewards?

Stars: Every safe you break into in the Perfect Heist is worth a Star.

Please be aware that there will be no post-match animation for these Stars. Open to those who have earned more than 16,00 Trophies.

5. Piggy Bank

Stars earned during the active Piggy Bank period will be converted into coins, and when the Piggy Bank is full, the money within may be claimed by buying the Piggy Bank and breaking it open.

If you break a Piggy Bank, you get all the coins within it, which you may use to purchase more coins at a discount than you would pay at the shop. This will also allow you to go to the next level of the Piggy Bank, where you may save and purchase coins at a further discount.

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