Best 10 Match Masters Boosters in 2022

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Boosters are crucial components in Match Masters, and without them, a player cannot advance in the game. Match Masters now has a multitude of unique boosters. Each booster has unique qualities.

In addition, players have the option of employing more boosters, for which they must continue to acquire several blue or red pieces. All of these boosters will play a significant impact in a player’s ability to defeat their opponent.

One of the numerous ways a player may earn various sorts of free boosters in Match Masters is by finishing a game level and winning a match. There are five types of boosters, each containing a total of 35 boosters. Beginners will get Bronze boosters. As players move farther in the game, they will get more powerful boosters, such as Gold, Silver, Diamond, and Legendary ones.

Here is a list of top 10 best Boosters in Match Masters:

1. UFO

This alien booster sweeps up two random colors on the board, increasing your score and giving you additional opportunities to create matches. There is a fee of seven blue stars to activate this ability.

2. Crazy Clovers

This leprechaun is plotting mischief! Observe as he engages in naughty behavior and scatters his fortunate clover across the board! They will transform into green pieces and provide EXCELLENT matches. This enhancement requires seven blue pieces to activate.

3. High Voltage

This booster is full of strategy, so take your time to choose the optimal play! After activation, choose a component! All pieces of the same color in the same rows and columns as the selected piece will be connected by a high voltage and destroyed. The activation of this boost requires seven blue stars.

4. Lil’ Dragon

This tiny firebrand will stop at nothing! Once triggered, create a match and watch as this booster burns the pieces above and below (or to its sides) to clear your path. Matches that are horizontal will burn from left to right, whereas matches that are vertical will burn from top to bottom. This enhancement requires seven blue stars to activate.

5. Mastermind

A knowledgeable and calm owl will always make the best decisions. Activate this boost to determine the number of matches your owl can locate! The Mastermind enhancer will create three, four, and even five-piece matches for you. There is a fee of seven blue stars to activate this ability.

6. Magic Wand

Observe the board go TA-DA! Select any color on the board and remove it entirely with your Magic Wand. This booster is particularly beneficial in game types where distinct pieces have varying scoring legends. There is a seven-star activation fee.

7. Sweep it!

Never has cleaning felt so amazing! This booster, when activated, sweeps one of the colors on the board to the side, allowing you to make additional matches (and even special matches)! This booster may be activated for just six blue stars!

8. Balloon Blast

This booster eliminates a section of three randomly selected columns on the board.Its activation cost is seven blue stars, and it has the potential to severely damage your opponent.

9. Laser Beam

Choose an adjacent row AND column to eliminate from the board! This boost may be quite valuable if employed appropriately; thus, you should plan your next move carefully. There is a fee of seven blue stars to activate this ability.

10. Mystery Hat

The Mystery Hat adds enchantment to the game by revealing three unique pieces on the board. The three special pieces, however, will only stay on the board until the conclusion of your turn; if you do not match them up fast, they will vanish forever. This booster takes seven blue stars to activate.

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