8 Best Android Games 2022

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The Play Store is useless for discovery, especially when looking for high-quality games, as is common knowledge. That is precisely why we at this site have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the top Android games right now. A hand-picked list of excellent games from many genres can be found below. So, whether you’re like simple puzzle games or competitive shooters, you’re covered. You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re tired of searching endlessly for fun games to play.

Apex Legends Mobile

It was just a matter of time before Electronics Arts released an Apex Legends mobile edition given that nearly everyone else has or is bringing their AAA shooter to mobile devices. There is no cross-play with the console and PC versions of this game because it was completely rebuilt for mobile. There is still some cross-compatibility, though, because you can play versus buddies on iOS.

But what’s really bizarre is how much the game feels and plays like the actual thing. However, as this mobile edition stands alone, you can anticipate particular characters and situations that won’t appear in the regular game. The game’s fair monetization means that you can only buy cosmetic items; this is undoubtedly welcomed.

Alto’s Adventure

There are many excellent auto-runners and endless runners available on the Play Store, but Alto’s Adventure is unquestionably among the finest. There is a sequel, yes, but the greatness is in the first one. It is a remarkably easy setup. Try to snowboard as far as you can while achieving objectives. The currency you receive after completing a goal can be used to unlock more riders. Additionally, some of these riders have improved handling and speed, so the more you unlock, the more currency you’ll earn, and so on until the game is finished.

The gameplay loop is captivating, the controls are perfect, and the graphics are stunning. The best part is that you can pay to have the intrusive adverts removed, making it possible to play completely free of interruptions.

Slime Labs 2

With titles like Lost Yetti and Little Fin, Neutronized is a reliable mobile game developer that has been releasing top-notch Android games for some time. However, the delightful physics-based platformer Slime Labs was our favorite product from the firm. It’s our go-to puzzle platformer on Android now that a sequel is out because we adored the first one.

The game is financed by adverts, so you can play for free. If you’d rather have a premium experience, you can eliminate the ads for $2.

Among Us

The social deduction gameplay of Among Us may be familiar to you if you’ve played the board games Werewolf or Mafia. The game didn’t get much notice when it first came out, but it soon acquired popularity as several streamers started gaining views while using it. Streamed social deduction games are entertaining to watch, as you might expect, which is how Among Us became so well-liked.

Therefore, you could like playing Among Us if you’d want to play a multi-layered game where collaboration and backstabbing are necessary, a game that virtually always sparks drama among those playing. Given that the game is free to play and adequately monetised, there is no harm in giving it a shot.

Call of Duty: Mobile

What would a list of the top Android games be without one of the well-known online shooters? Fortnite no longer having a Play Store presence, Call of Duty is the logical selection for today’s roundup. Even if PUBG is still doing well, Call of Duty: Mobile remains undeniably the cool kid in the class. It’s more recent and, well, it’s Call of Duty. There is a battle royale mode that mimics the gameplay of every other battle royale, as well as vintage maps for those who are nostalgic.

Although cheating is a problem, monetization is a greedy but mainly cosmetic practice. But which very competitive mobile game doesn’t encounter this issue? Call of Duty: Mobile does a passable job of porting the key elements of the well-known shooter from consoles to mobile, but it still has all the same problems that affect the bulk of F2P mobile games.

Castlevania: SotN

In order to define Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the word “Metroidvania” was created. A direct successor to Rondo of Blood, this legendary PS1 title from Konami is still hailed as one of the greatest Castlevania games ever created. In 2020, Konami released the game on mobile as a surprise, and the port is excellent. To successfully complete this difficult game, you’ll need tactile and responsive controls, which are assisted by the game’s excellent performance and controller support.

Although touch controls may be used in a pinch, you won’t be able to complete the game without them, which is why controller support is crucial. This is unquestionably a superb version of a great game, and the pricing is perfect. Konami finally got something right.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a name that comes up frequently when discussing roguelike Metroidvanias because it is a game that established the genre. The controls are perfect since gamepad support was added, and even the touch controls are sufficient to get you through the first few levels. Although death is a constant in this hard game, you’ll gradually advance as you discover new weaponry via your runs.

The game supports high framerates, and those framerates are steady, which makes for a pleasant experience. There is a ton of stuff here that should keep the majority of gamers entertained for 30 hours or more, and there is even some more DLC accessible if you complete the main campaign.

Pokémon UNITE

There is a MOBA game called League of Legends: Wild Rift for die-hard fans. However, Pokémon UNITE is one of the few really easy MOBAs if you’re merely seeking to dip your toe into the genre or need something a bit easier. There is a lot of fun to be had with Pokémon UNITE even if you think the Pokémon concept and the game’s attraction to kids are a touch silly.

The game is technically pay-to-win because of things in the cash store that give an edge, but if you just want to play for fun, it doesn’t really matter.

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