10 Best Minecraft mods 2022

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The finest Minecraft mods go above and beyond to give this now 12-year-old game a different experience, even though each Minecraft game may be unique. There is bound to be a mod for you, whether you enjoy the sandbox game for its creative building, harrowing survival, or speedrunning its plot. You have the choice to improve Mojang’s classic on PC even more, whether it is through interface adjustments or tools to speed up your hours of exploring.

The top Minecraft mods available right now are compiled in the list below. All are grouped into groups based on what you wish to change in the game, from straightforward adjustments to complicated, deep Minecraft modifications that can have you engrossed for months.

Fastcraft | Optifine

The indispensable Optifine, which provides support for HD textures and more control over graphical settings, will make Minecraft look amazing. Before you can use Minecraft shaders, Optifine will probably need to be installed, but even without that, it offers dynamic lighting, better textures, and performance. On the majority of PC configurations, Optifine should work fine, but if you’re playing on a potato, use Fastcraft instead. It significantly enhances performance on low-end devices, especially when many Minecraft mods are installed.


Everyone enjoys knowing their destination.
Journeymap can map your world as you explore, allow you mark important waypoints, and even alert you when hordes of people are following you secretly. View the final map as a minimap, fullscreen, or even in a separate web browser within the game.

Just the Right Things

Just Enough Items is the solution to the agony of having to alt-tab to a wiki while playing Minecraft (or JEI). Through a clever interface on the inventory screen of Minecraft, you can seek up the recipe for any item from any installed Minecraft mod.


When you also have a number of texture or world-altering mods loaded, Jade is a very useful mod for Minecraft. Jade gives you additional information, like as the contents of a chest or any status affects applied to a mob, in addition to identifying the object you are looking at.

Descriptions of enchantments

The Enchantment Descriptions mod provides you with the description of any enchanted book in your inventory if you need a quick reminder of what the Minecraft enchantments perform. These tooltips will be shown in more than 13 different languages, and this mod also supports enchantments that have been modified.

Biomes Abound

If there aren’t enough biomes in the base version of Minecraft to keep you occupied, Biomes O’Plenty adds a ton more in the Overworld and the Nether, ranging from the Alps to the Wasteland and everything in between. Additionally, it adds a little more diversity to the food, color, tools, armor, and building blocks.

Alex’s gang

Players are always calling for more animals, monsters, and humanoids to be introduced to vanilla Minecraft, as evidenced by the now-annual mob vote in the game. With the 84 new animals in Alex’s Mobs, you don’t need to wait for the upcoming significant update to Minecraft. Kangaroos, tigers, and a creature dubbed a bone serpent are among the mix of actual and imaginary creatures in this game, each with their own special mechanics and drops.

Integrated Portals

Throwing oneself headfirst through a Minecraft Nether or end Portal without knowing what’s on the other side might be quite terrifying. Thankfully, Immersive Portals alters that by revealing just what lies beyond.


RLCraft, the all-time most popular Minecraft mod, taps into people’s love of fantasy by introducing dragons, fairies, and other creatures to your virtual world. That’s not all, though. RLCraft offers new biomes, towers, dungeons, and an entirely new survival experience in addition to a variety of frightening and endearing new creatures.


If there is anything greater than one of the most well-known video game franchises ever, it is the union of two of the most well-known video game franchises ever. All of your favorite Pokemon are brought to the world of Minecraft by Pixelmon.

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